4 Simple Steps to Lead Better Remote Workers

Over Communicate

Working from home has many positive advantages for workplace productivity, however, office communication typically isn’t one of them.  Keep your employees connected to the company with regular updates, and real-time feedback. Don’t forget to solicit feedback as well.  You never know what little changes can make a big impact on your team’s success.

Video Conference

Ensure your employees or team members give you their undivided attention by using video conferencing whenever possible.  Face-to-face communication is still the most effective communication method. Let them see the confidence and sincerity in your eyes when giving them guidance, news, or better yet, praise.

Balance Personal & Work Conversations

Don’t be afraid to engage everyone on a personal level.  Plan for 5 minutes before a meeting for non-business interaction.  We may love the freedom of our home office, but it can get lonely at times.  Use video chat to receive the personal cues expressed by your team, and feel confident that you really know how they are feeling.  

Maintain Comradarie

Just because everyone is using email and company video chat channels, does not mean that fun must stop.  Replace the physical breakroom with a virtual lunch. Schedule time for personal interactions without a work agenda.  It’s more important than ever to think outside of the box to build team spirit.

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