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Smart Devices for Senior Safety

As we age, safety and security tend to become our number one priority. But aging in place isn’t always easy. That’s why many seniors are

Hosting Your Own Watch Party

One thing the past year has taught us is that there are multiple ways to spend time virtually with friends and family with the help

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Is It Safe to Pay Bills Online?

If you’re used to paying bills the traditional way, you may be wondering if online payment is necessary… or safe, for that matter. While there’s

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Avoiding Unlawful Robocalls

For the most part, robocalls are an annoyance. They may be irritating and disruptive, but when all is said and done, they are relatively harmless…

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Disposing of Old Devices Safely

Now that you’ve gotten those fun new electronic gadgets for Christmas, you’ll need to dispose of your old ones. You can’t just toss them in