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Avoiding Unlawful Robocalls

For the most part, robocalls are an annoyance. They may be irritating and disruptive, but when all is said and done, they are relatively harmless…

Is It Safe to Pay Bills Online?

If you’re used to paying bills the traditional way, you may be wondering if online payment is necessary… or safe, for that matter. While there’s

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Netiquette: Your Guide to Online Manners

Netiquette, or network etiquette, is concerned with the “proper” way to communicate in an online environment. Consider the following “rules,” adapted from Virginia Shea’s The

How to use a Zoom Meeting

Zoom meetings are a great way to connect online. This video from ZOOM thoughtful shows step by step how to get started.

10 Tips for Successful Online Learning

Dedicated Work Space Using common areas like the dining room table, or family room couch, can add unnecessary distraction, and force a student to accommodate

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Why Managed WiFi May Be Right For You

If you’re like most people these days, you’ve got a lot going on. Whether it’s students learning from home, adults working from home, or some

The Best Unassuming Smart Home Gadgets

When you think of exciting home technology, the first things that come to mind are probably speakers, televisions, and a multitude of other gadgets made

4 Simple Steps to Lead Better Remote Workers

Over Communicate Working from home has many positive advantages for workplace productivity, however, office communication typically isn’t one of them.  Keep your employees connected to

How to Work From Home with Kids

Establish Business Hours Set expectations for your children so they can understand when you’re “at work”, and when your “at home”.  If your work hours

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