Four Simple Ways to Encourage a Young Writer

Every year, April 10th is set aside to encourage young writers.  We at S&T celebrate to contribution all writers bring to the world, recognize the impact we can all have to nurture their skills.

Read their work, every time – Good writers need feedback to hone their writing skills.  Don’t pass up the chance for someone to gain valuable insight into their writing style.  

Have them write to their friends – Not only would they gain from the additional writing practice, they have the opportunity to encourage others to pursue the craft, eventually surrounding themselves with other writing enthusiasts.

Introduce them to a Pro – Although physical bookstores are in decline, they do still have writer events like book readings and signings.  Meeting a real professional may be the professional push a young writer needs.

Learn from the best – Human nature tends to direct us to what we know.  Challenge a young writer to read as many writers from as many categories as possible.  All styles of writing have merit, and who knows, they might just carve out their own category. 

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