How to Work From Home with Kids

Establish Business Hours

Set expectations for your children so they can understand when you’re “at work”, and when your “at home”.  If your work hours are not as regular as 9-5, have an indicator to show your kids that you’re in the office.  This can be as simple as a shut door, or whiteboard stating your busy. 

Keep a Routine

Children thrive on routine.  Working from home can blur the boundaries between work and life, and the daily routine can provide order to a seemingly chaotic environment.  Start your morning off right by getting dressed, eating breakfast, and morning chores, just as you would if going to the office.

Embrace the Paper Bag Lunch

Don’t feel obligated to cook gourmet meals because you’re steps from your kitchen.  Just as they would as school, your kids can eat a PBJ for lunch made in the morning.  Being home does have it’s perks, so go ahead and treat them to a hot lunch once or twice a week.

Brain Brakes for Everyone

We can learn from our kids, and take a recess break with our kids.  Take a 15-minute break to recharge your mind, and build your family relationship.  Not only will your kids appreciate the attention, but your eyes will enjoy the break from the computer screen.

Establish WebCam Zones

Whether your company uses Zoom, Teams, or Google Meet, online web conferencing is the new normal meeting place.  Don’t sacrifice your professional appearance when your kids photobomb the backdrop of your high-stakes sales call.  Be sure your home office setup includes a kid-free backdrop.

Patience is a two-way street

Remember, your kids did not choose to come to your office, you brought the office to their home.  Be patient and understand the sacrifices required by both of you. Learning takes time, and habits don’t form overnight.  Working from home has tremendous benefits, and can bring your family closer. Godspeed!