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Three Ways to Improve Your Online Teaching

Online classes have been increasing in popularity every year. For teachers, they represent an opportunity that can’t be overlooked. Unlike traditional, in-person classes, online classes allow teachers to connect directly with students from …

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S&T Free Upgrades

At S&T, our mission has always been to keep our communities connected. As we face the global outbreak of Coronavirus (COVID-19), we remain devoted to

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Most frequent questions and answers

To experience the high quality video from the popular streaming platforms (Netflix, Hulu, etc), we recommend 50Mbps.  This will also ensure the additional demand from mobile devices does not degrade your internet experience.

For larger families, or households with smart devices, we recommend a minimum of 100Mbps.

We are constantly making great improvements to our network, and faster speeds may now be available in your area.  Call 1-800-432-8294 to learn more.

Paper bills can always be deposited in our secure drop boxes at every S&T location.  You can also pay your online at:

We are actively coordinating with the local school districts and the Kansas Department of Education to best provide a seamless distance learning experience.  Many schools are including video instruction in their strategy, and we’re working overtime to ensure our network can handle the added demand.  Rest assured, our recent infrastructure investments will provide our students with the necessary connectivity for achievement.