The Best Unassuming Smart Home Gadgets

When you think of exciting home technology, the first things that come to mind are probably speakers, televisions, and a multitude of other gadgets made for entertaining. Things that are probably not on your list? How about wall plugs, light bulbs and door locks? 

But what these devices lack in excitement, they make up for in practicality and convenience. If you’re looking for smart, yet affordable devices to make your everyday life a little easier or if you’re just getting started on some early Christmas shopping, these devices are worth checking out. And remember, no matter which smart devices you add to your house this fall, you can rely on S&T for fast and reliable internet to keep them all connected. 

Smart Plug – Kasa Smart Plug Mini

The Smart Plug Mini from Kasa is one of the highest-rated devices of its kind, thanks in large part to its superior functionality. To start with, the compact design allows you to keep one plug open on your outlet, as opposed to the bulkier plugs that block both. You can even stack two on top of each other.

The smart plug allows you to control household appliances such as lamps, fans, or even coffee makers from anywhere with your smartphone. Or, when paired with Alexa or Google Assistant, you can turn on the device of your choosing with a simple voice command. You can even schedule appliances to turn on and off at specific times each day.

Smart Bulb – Wyze Bulb 

From lowering your energy use to enhancing home security or just setting the mood for a romantic night at home, smart bulbs offer an array of benefits when paired with your home WiFi. Priced much lower than most competitors, the Wyze Bulb is just $8 each or you can get a four-pack for less than $30. 

The Wyze app gives you complete control over individual bulbs in your house or you can group them by room or type. You can adjust the brightness, color temperature, or schedule them to turn on or off. With the Vacation Mode function, you can even have your lights on a variable schedule while you are out of town to discourage would-be intruders. The bulbs can also be controlled by voice when paired with Alexa or Google Assistant.

Smart Lock – August Smart Lock 

“Did I lock the front door?” How many times have you had this thought while driving away from your house? With the August Smart Lock and a reliable WiFi connection, you can answer that nagging question by just checking your phone. 

In addition to the remote locking capabilities, the August Smart Lock also makes it easy to share “virtual keys” with loved ones and guests, allowing you to manage access to your home without hiding or making copies of keys. The lock is also easy to install and even retrofits over most existing deadbolt locks. Whether you’re lying in bed or vacationing hundreds of miles away, a Smart Lock gives you the peace of mind knowing that your door is secure.